Smithnet Environmental Monitoring

A small python script is run every hour, which runs commands to obtain raw data, parse it, and insert into a Postgres database. The disk temperatures are collected by Smartmon Tools, CPU temperatues by lm_sensors.

Nominal server operating range: 10-35 °C.

Latest Temperatures

SourceDescriptionValueSampled Date/Time
CPU Temp CPU Package Temperature, °C31 °C2022-06-27 03:01
Disk1 Temp SSD Temperature, °C35.85 °C2022-06-27 03:01
Disk2 Temp HDD Temperature, °C33 °C2022-06-27 03:01
PCH Temp Platform Control Hub Temperature, °C59.5 °C2022-06-27 03:01

Historical Temperatures

These graphs are generated by a python script with the Matplotlib library, using psycopg2 to connect to the database.

Disk Temp last 14 days

Disk Temp last 100 days

Disk Temp last 365 days

Minimum Temperatures

SourceValueSampled Date/Time
CPU Temp15 °C2021-11-29 11:01
Disk1 Temp26.85 °C2022-03-08 10:01
Disk2 Temp19 °C2021-11-29 11:01
PCH Temp43 °C2022-01-28 08:01

Maximum Temperatures

SourceValueSampled Date/Time
CPU Temp62 °C2022-06-14 19:01
Disk1 Temp48.85 °C2021-12-26 19:01
Disk2 Temp43 °C2022-06-18 01:01
PCH Temp68 °C2022-06-17 20:01

Average Temperatures

CPU Temp31.45 °C
Disk1 Temp32.60 °C
Disk2 Temp29.14 °C
PCH Temp53.64 °C