Smithnet Environmental Monitoring

A small python script is run every hour, which runs commands to obtain raw data, parse it, and insert into a Postgres database. The disk temperatures are collected by Smartmon Tools, CPU temperatues by lm_sensors.

Nominal server operating range: 10-35 C.

Latest Temperatures

ValueSourceDescriptionSampled Date/Time
29 CcputempCPU Package Temperature2021-09-18 08:01
31 Cdisk2tempHDD Temperature2021-09-18 08:01

Historical Temperatures

These graphs are generated by the R package, using RPostgreSQL to connect to the database.

Disk Temp last 14 days

Disk Temp last 100 days

Maximum Temperatures

ValueSourceSampled Date/Time
46 Ccputemp2021-06-21 07:01
40 Cdisk2temp2021-07-21 03:01

Minimum Temperatures

ValueSourceSampled Date/Time
26 Ccputemp2021-06-23 09:01
29 Cdisk2temp2021-06-23 10:01

Average Temperatures

33.27 Ccputemp
33.70 Cdisk2temp